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More and more Australians find their sweethearts on the other side of the earth demonstrating that for true love even such long distances are not great problems. For such cases DIMIA implemented fiancee visa (300 subclass) and wife visa (309 subclass). The procedures for such visas granting in general are similar.

Term of these visas granting is reasonably short from 6 to 12 months. After you get fiancee visa you have 9 months to contract a marriage with your partner and after 2 years you are able to get permanent residence status in Australia.

To get wedding visas you have to meet the following requirements:
  • Your partner has permanent residence status or is a citizen of Australia
  • Personal meeting with your fiance (as minimum one meeting)
  • Properly prepared package of documents confirming your relationships
All documents are sent via post to the nearest Australia Embassy (in CIS fiancee and wife visas are issued only in Moscow). But if employees of the Embassy have some hesitations about your documents they can invite you for the personal interview.

The package of documents include:
  • 47SP Application Form (filled in by Applicant) and 40SP Application From (filled in by Sponsor).
  • Recent passport photo of Application and photo of Sponsor.
  • Certified copies of passport.
  • Sufficient evidence that you have met your sponsor and know him.
  • Evidence of residence or citizenship status in Australia of your partner.
  • Evidences of your relationships (package of documents that includes personal statements from you and your friends, telephone bills, printed letters, joint photos and many others)
  • Documents certifying successful medical check pass.
  • Certificate of police clearance (for persons who are older than 16).
All the documents shall be prepared properly and translated into English language. At this stage in no circumstances you shall submit documents of dubious origin. This is the main reason visa granting refusal.

In addition to duly executed documents to get positive result you have to be prepared for interview with Consul. Our experience proved that the questions that are asked in the Embassy are very similar so if you take our services you will have clear aware of your interview.


If you have serious intentions to contract a marriage and leave for Australia, we can offer you a full range of services throughout all stages of visa process.

We can offer you 2 options of the immigration process support at all stages:

1st option:

Your case will be governed by specialist of Gulfstream Association. The price for the comprehensive consulting services starting from the beginning of immigration process and up to visa grant amounts to 990 EURO. Our services include:
  • general advising on the program of wedding visas for Australia;
  • detailed clarification of the rights and responsibilities of both parties;
  • advising on gathering and preparation of the necessary documents confirming the sincerity of your relationships;
  • filling of 47SP Application Form (from Applicant) and 40SP (from Partner);
  • advising on essay writing, this essay is your personal statement about your relationships;
  • advising on gathering and preparation of the necessary documents to be submitted to the Embassy;
  • consulting on medical check;
  • preparation for the interview in the Australian Embassy;
  • submission of information package about all aspects of life in Australia.
2st option:

Your case is completely governed by Australian Immigration Agent. The price for the comprehensive consulting services amounts to 4000 AUD (around 2600 EURO). In addition to above mentioned services you will have:
  • Control and correction of documents and application forms to be submitted to the embassy by Australian Immigration Agent;
  • Translation of the documents into English;
  • Your case status monitoring;
  • Communication with Australian officers regarding your case, solving ongoing issues, including complicate ones.
Australian Immigration Agent Marina Matushenko, Registration No. in MARA 0324792.

Marina is not only immigration agent she is also a legal advisor. Holds Bachelor Degree majoring in law, Far-East State University (before arriving to Australia) and also Bachelor Degree majoring in law that she got in University of New South Wales, Australia.

In addition to above mentioned, Marina has accreditation as professional translator in National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Marina provides free translations of documents required for visa for her clients from the former USSR.

Professional knowledge of two legal systems, certificate of translator enables Marina to get control and provide comprehensive services for successful completion of immigration process: prepare legal documents and make exact translation into English.

All organization issues in the process of work with Australian Immigration Agent are supported by Gulfstream Company.

We have 20 years of experience in drawing up the documents and preparation for the interview. Our assistance led to the successful receiving of more than 1000 Fiancee visas by our clients.

We give to our clients all the information about what, how and when should be done to shorten the period of case consideration and exclude the possibility of refusal.

We hope that services offered by our company will help you successfully get through immigration process and get permanent residence in Australia.

Consultant on issues concerning Australia immigration Alex Ushakov.

E-mail: zagranvisa@gmail.com

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