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We suggest to your notice brief information about the procedure for your fiancee obtaining a wedding visa for entrance to the Great Britain.

    About program

Great Britain legislation covered the procedure for issue of permanent residence visas for fiancees of Great Britain permanent residents. This type of visa is issued to brides (wives) or fiances (husbands) of Great Britain citizens or persons, residing in this country with permanent residence permit.

Requirements for obtaining the visa by your fiancee:

1) You must have at least permanent residence permit in the Great Britain;
2) You must meet to him/her at least once.

It is not necessary for you to contract a marriage in the country of your fiancee residence. You can do it after his obtaining the visa on the territory of the Great Britain within 6 moths.

For your fiance obtaining a wedding visa, You and Your fiance should prepare a set of documents confirming your relationship and documents concerning the job, financial condition and etc.

All the documents should be properly prepared in accordance with Great Britain Consular section requirements. The success of the whole case mainly depends upon the documents preparation.

Besides proper drawing up of the documents, for obtaining a positive result your fiance should be ready for interview with Consul. Our experience suggests: the questions that are asked in the Consulate are similar that is why if your fiancee embraces our service he will have a clear image of interview.

    Our recommendation

If you have an intention to unite with your fiance for residing in the Great Britain we can suggest you the full service of legal advice for all program steps.

Our service includes:

  • general advising about the Great Britain wedding visas program;
  • detailed clarification of rights and responsibilities of petitioner and fiancee;
  • consulting on necessary steps for both sides for process initiation;
  • consulting for both sides on preparation of the documents to be submitted to the Great Britain Consulate section;
  • Filling of Consular application form;
  • registration for interview in the Great Britain Consulate section;
  • preparation for interview at the Consulate.

During our 7-year-work we've helped with drawing-up of documents and prepared for interview more than 350 people. We give full information to our clients on issues what and when they should do in order to reduce the time of case consideration and exclude the possibility of visa obtaining refusal.

The fee for full service of legal advice 200 Euro.

Consultant on the Great Britain Alex Ushakov.

E-mail: zagranvisa@gmail.com

We hope that services we offer will help your fiancee successfully go through the emigration procedure and get permanent residency in the Great Britain.

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